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Player App for BrightSign

Unleash the Full Power of BrightSign running Navori Player App

Performance index: 92 /100

The Benefits

Navori Player Software works seamlessly with BrightSign Players, making a perfect team of intelligent software and top-notch hardware. This partnership uses Navori’s easy-to-use digital signage software and BrightSign’s dependable, high-performance players. Together, they create a fully compatible and efficient digital signage system that works well with BrightSign XT and HD player models, giving you a complete, hassle-free digital signage experience.

BrightSign Players is recognized for its commercial-grade design and 24/7/365 operation capability, which align flawlessly with Navori Player’s advanced features. This integration makes it easy for users to learn and get technical help. It also ensures that everything works well and is simple to set up. Users get a single interface for all their devices, which makes managing content more accessible and more efficient. With QL’s Cloud, on-premise options, and the robust BrightSign hardware, you get a solution that can grow with your business and keep everything safe and flexible to meet different needs.

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BrightSign Pros and Cons



  • Dedicated Digital Signage Optimization: BrightSign Players are explicitly designed for digital signage, ensuring top performance and reliability.
  • Unmatched Operational Stability: These players are known for being tough, capable of running 24/7 with minimal maintenance, and ideal for continuous use.
  • Energy and Cost Efficiency: BrightSign Players use less energy than traditional PCs, resulting in lower operational costs and a more minor environmental impact.


  • Flexibility Limitations: BrightSign Players may not offer the same flexibility as PCs for diverse software applications because they are specialized.
  • Initial Cost Implications: Investing in BrightSign Players can be more expensive upfront than some budget-friendly alternatives.
  • Challenges in Hardware Upgrades: Upgrading BrightSign hardware can be more complex than modular PC systems, potentially affecting long-term scalability.

Considering Navori App to run on another hardware?

No problem, Navori is featuring full interoperability, regardless of the hardware you use.

Features available for BrightSign

Media Type and Related Features Availability – Attribute

Whenever a feature or media is not supported by hardware, Navori Player seamlessly skips the content, and issues an alert to the user in charge. Navori player software offers complete interoperability.