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Digital Signage Bridges the Gap Between Healthcare Providers and Patients

Hospitals use screens to streamline operations and enhance patient experiences by displaying updates on appointments, wait times, keeping patients and visitors informed.
Improved Patient Satisfaction Thanks to improved communication, reduced wait times, and engaging content, leading to an enhanced overall experience.
Reduced Patient Wait Times for check-in, consultations, and other services. It improves operational efficiency and contributes to higher patient satisfaction.

Healthcare facilities can be complicated and stressful. Digital signs in healthcare are not just for giving information; they also help make things easier, guide people, and tell patients and staff what they need to know. Navori software makes it simple for healthcare places to show the right info at the right time, which is super important in healthcare.

Why Healthcare facilities use Digital Signage

Keep Patients Informed and Entertained While Waiting
Navori software goes beyond static displays, offering dynamic content that entertains and educates. From health tips to facility highlights, create an engaging environment for your audience.

Help Visitors Find Their Way
Interactive wayfinders powered by Navori software guide visitors efficiently through your healthcare facility. Improve navigation and enhance the overall visitor experience.

Be Emergency Ready
Emergency situations require rapid communication. Navori Digital Signage ensures timely delivery of critical information, enhancing emergency preparedness in your healthcare setting.

Reduce perceived wait times of waiting patients
Engage patients and visitors with relevant content, reducing the perception of waiting time. Educational materials, entertainment, and real-time updates keep everyone informed and distracted in waiting areas.

Save Time and Money vs. Printed or Handwritten Signage
Digital signage eliminates the costs and time associated with printing and updating traditional signs. Navori software enables instant changes, ensuring your information is always current.

We used to have 6 different softwares to manage, now we us Navori for everything! Only having to train my staff on just one software is a massive benefit of using an all encompassing software like QL.

— Sean Philips, Director of AV

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Real-life Use Cases

Integrate with Internal Systems to Sync Patient Schedules in Real-Time
Navori software seamlessly integrates with internal systems, syncing patient schedules in real-time. Provide accurate and up-to-date information on appointments, reducing confusion and improving efficiency.

Display Announcements, FAQ, and Special Events
Effortlessly share important announcements, answer frequently asked questions, and promote special events within your healthcare facility using QL’s versatile digital signage solutions.

Guide Visitors Efficiently with Interactive Wayfinders
Enhance visitor experience with interactive wayfinders powered by Navori software. Easily guide patients, visitors, and staff to their destinations, ensuring a seamless navigation experience.

Emergency Alerts and Notifications
In times of emergencies, instant communication is critical. Navori software enables the swift and automatic dissemination of emergency alerts and notifications, ensuring everyone is informed and safe.

Display Live News, Weather, and Traffic Information
Keep patients and staff informed about the latest news, weather conditions, and traffic updates. Healthcare Digital Signage solutions help create a well-informed healthcare environment.


Navori Digital Signage is changing how communication works in healthcare. It helps healthcare providers with their special needs and problems. Our high-tech digital signage solutions have some great benefits.

First, they save time by making communication easier. No more running around to update stuff or find the right person to talk to. With Navori, you can quickly share important messages.

Second, they make the patient experience better. Patients get all the info they need about appointments and procedures, so their stay is smoother and more comfortable.

Lastly, in emergencies, healthcare digital signage is crucial. They help share important info with both patients and staff fast, so everyone can respond well.

If you want to improve your healthcare facility, try Navori software today. It makes communication in healthcare better and tailored to what you need.

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