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Built-in Features for Interactive Digital Signage

Businesses use Navori’s interactive digital signage platform to create personalized and immersive experiences that engage viewers in shopping malls, restaurants, retail stores, stadiums, and corporate settings. Navori’s platform can enhance the overall experience and boost engagement levels, unlocking your business’s full potential.

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Interactivity Features

Enhancing Display Utility with Navori Spy

Enhancing Display Utility with Navori Spy

Navori QL Spy app streamlines digital displays management for multiple uses. It enables seamless switching between third-party apps and Navori digital signage content. The display functions as digital signage when not interacted with, and swiftly converts into an interactive platform upon interaction. This maximizes display space and boosts user engagement.

QR Code

QR Code

Use smartphone integration to enhance engagement with digital signage. Make sure it is compatible with popular smartphone operating systems and leverage features like QR code scanning and mobile app integration to increase interactivity.

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Hold Customer Attention for Longer Durations

Hold Customer Attention for Longer Durations

Interactive signage can help retailers communicate effectively, promote products, and enhance the overall brand experience. Increased customer engagement with the signage can lead to better message conveyance and influence purchasing decisions.

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Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Get real-time insights into audience behavior and content performance with Navori’s analytics. Track user interactions, engagement rates, and conversion metrics to optimize content strategy and enhance the effectiveness of interactive campaigns. Navori’s dashboard provides actionable data for business growth.

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4 Easy Steps to Incorporate Interactivity

Incorporating interactivity into your digital signage with Navori software can be achieved in four straightforward steps

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Design Interactive Content

Navori’s Template Designer creates interactive digital signage content with dynamic layouts that respond to user interactions.

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Set Up Triggers

Configure triggers in Navori to respond to user actions like touch or motion inputs.

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Deploy and Test

Deploy your content and triggers to the desired digital signage player and test thoroughly to ensure proper functionality.

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Monitor and Optimize

Use Navori’s tools to analyze user interaction with signage and improve content for better engagement.

Learn More About Using Interactivity in Your Digital Displays

See how Navori's digital signage creates personalized and dynamic experiences to improve audience engagement.

of Incorporating Interactivity

Deliver a Customized Experience

Navori offers a personalized shopping experience with touch screens or QR code scanning for tailored recommendations and special offers. This customization enhances the shopping experience, increasing customer loyalty.

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Transforms Passive Viewing into Active Engagement

Digital signage encourages active customer engagement by allowing them to interact with content, explore products, and engage with brand stories. This creates a stronger connection, making the shopping experience more memorable.

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Scalable and Future-Proof

Navori’s digital signage solutions are scalable, flexible, and future proof, whether you need to deploy one or thousands of screens. Our modular design ensures longevity and protects your investment to enable long-term success.

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Seamless Integration with Third-Party Applications

Integrate your digital signage with third-party applications such as CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, social media channels, and more to provide personalized experiences for customers and increase revenue.

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Lift and-Learn

Lift-and-learn displays use sensors or RFID to show relevant product information when an item is lifted from a shelf. This enhances customer engagement and provides valuable information interactively.

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Computer Vision-Driven Content Automation

Adapt content based on demographics or behaviors for personalized and targeted content delivery that drives engagement and conversion.

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Mobile is a Navori companion app for managing digital signage content from your mobile device. It allows you to update playlists, launch media, and modify schedules in real-time. Perfect for dynamic environments.

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Touch Screen

Touchscreen technology in digital signage is highly interactive and user-friendly. Retail stores use it for interactive product catalogs, wayfinding, and self-service kiosks, resulting in a more engaging and personalized shopping experience for customers.

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