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Built-in Content Automation

No-Code, Smart Content Automation

Create simple rules and let Navori Software dynamically create your content programming
Dynamic Personalization Dynamic Personalization

Tailor content uniquely to each viewer to heighten engagement

Better Content Targetting Better Content Targetting

Sharpen content precision to boost efficiency and enhance ROI

Bolster viewer engagement Bolster viewer engagement

Embed interactive content to stimulate active viewer involvement

Tag and Validity Based Content Automation

Using tags, assign simple attributes like location and language to players and content. Navori plays content based on your rules, ensuring accurate scheduling and filtering of irrelevant content.

Combine Multiple Channels Dynamicaly and Reach a Wider Audience

Combine multiple playlists, optimizing content delivery. Leverage intuitive dayparting options to schedule playlists based on the time of day, ensuring your message reaches your audience in a timely manner.

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Tailor Content to Specific Demographics, or Preferences

Use our built-in “location-specific content” or content tagging feature on a per-screen basis to ensure tailored messages reach the right audience.

Uncover How to Geo-Localize Your Content

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Leverage Data-driven Content Automation and Triggering

Interrupt playing content with event-based triggers driven by data insights. Assign simple rules that dictate when and under what circumstances triggers occur.

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Access Live Data Right From Your Html5, Locally

Utilize our API to access this valuable information. This will allow you to build dynamic HTML5 content that adapts based on each player’s unique attributes.

Use Our API to Trigger Content From Any Input

Harness the power to integrate with third-party devices and applications. Trigger content from any input, applying simple rules to bring your interactive scenarios to life.

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