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Samsung SBB Player Device Empowering LED Displays

Level-up your Samsung Direct View LED with Navori Software

The Samsung SBB (Set Back Box) is an external media player. It's a compact, all-in-one solution that is mainly used to feed Samsung LED screens, typically in the back or side slots.

Performance index: 65 /100

Leverage the full potential of Navori player software on Samsung LED screeens

Experience the seamless integration of Navori player software with Samsung SBB SNN hardware for unparalleled performance and versatility. Our partnership brings together cutting-edge technology to deliver dynamic and captivating content solutions for your business.

Navori player software is your gateway to creating stunning visual experiences on Samsung Direct View LED displays. Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, or any other industry, this powerful combination opens up a world of possibilities to engage your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Join us in harnessing the potential of Navori player software on Samsung LED displays and transform the way you connect with your audience.

Why Navori Player is the Professional Solution for Samsung SBB

Pros and Cons


  • Hardware simplification
  • Integration with other Samsung devices and solutions, allowing for a more interconnected ecosystem
  • Lower acquisition cost (CAPEX)


  • Its limited power does not allow the rendering of sophisticated content
  • 4K is not supported
  • Interactivity is limited to Navori Mobile and any other IP interactivity

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Typical use cases

Retail Digital Signage: Elevate your retail space with captivating digital signage solutions. With Navori player software on Samsung SBB players, you can create eye-catching promotional content, showcase product offerings, and engage shoppers like never before.

Corporate Communications: Foster effective internal communication within your organization using Navori player software and Samsung LED screens. Display important announcements, company news, and employee recognition messages in common areas, lobbies, and break rooms.

Hospitality and Entertainment Venues: Transform the guest experience in hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues with Navori player software and Samsung Direct View LED displays. Create immersive environments by showcasing menus, event schedules, and entertainment options in vibrant detail.

One Software for many Digital Signage Use Cases …

Navori is standardized software, feature rich enough to address all use cases, no matter the level of sophistication

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Media Type and Related Features Availability – Attribute

Whenever a feature or media is not supported by hardware, Navori Player seamlessly skips the content, and issues an alert to the user in charge. Navori player software offers complete interoperability.