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Built-in features for Audience analytics

In today’s competitive advertising landscape, understanding your audience is paramount to success. With the integration of cutting-edge audience measurement capabilities, our solution revolutionizes the way you approach outdoor advertising.


Gain comprehensive insights into foot traffic, demographics, and engagement metrics, allowing you to tailor your campaigns with precision and drive impactful results.

Audience Analytics Features

Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

Analzse foot traffic, demographics, and engagement to tailor campaigns effectively. Use foot traffic patterns to optimize screen placement and calculate key metrics. Demographic insights help customize content, while tracking engagement ensures captivating campaigns.

Get Metrics on Ad Performances

Get Metrics on Ad Performances

Enhance ad effectiveness with real-world data on impressions, clicks, and conversions. Optimize strategies by identifying high-performing content and refining targeting. Conduct ROI analysis for efficient resource allocation.

Keep Your Advertisers Happy

Keep Your Advertisers Happy

Empower advertisers with actionable insights on audience demographics, behavior, and ad performance. Build trust and satisfaction through evidence of ROI. Enable targeted campaigns for greater impact and long-term partnerships.

Implement Real-Time Content Triggers

Implement Real-Time Content Triggers

Utilize Navori’s advanced technology to trigger tailored advertisements in real-time based on audience demographics. This dynamic approach ensures that your content remains relevant and engaging, adapting seamlessly to the evolving preferences of your audience.

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How it Works in 4 Easy Steps

Implementing audience analytics with Navori can be streamlined into four easy steps

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Setup Hardware

Install cameras and ensure they are strategically placed to capture audience data effectively across your digital signage network.

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Configure Software

Define the specific metrics you want to track, such as viewer count, engagement time, and demographic information.

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Collect Data

Allow the system to gather data from audience interactions. This can include tracking how long people watch your screens, which content attracts the most attention, and viewer demographics.

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Analyze and Optimize

Use the insights gained from the data to understand audience behavior and preferences. Apply these insights to optimize your content strategy, enhance viewer engagement, and improve overall digital signage effectiveness. This ongoing process ensures your content remains relevant and engaging to your target audience.

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The Advantages of Using Audience Analytics

Get Metrics on Footfall Surrounding Your Screens

Footfall is a valuable metric for marketers in measuring the actual audience of a screen. It helps advertisers in selecting the most strategic locations for DOOH screens and calculates the Cost Per Person Reached (CPP).

Explore Programmatic

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Find Out How Many Vehicles Pass the Outdoor Screen

Understanding the volume and flow of vehicle traffic around outdoor LED screens helps advertisers estimate the potential audience size and the cost of advertising per capita.

Explore vehicle detection

Track Your Audience’s Gender and Age Range Breakdown

The audience around the screen represents a diverse spectrum of genders. Advertisers or marketers use Navori to get insights and tailor content to demographics.

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Trigger on-the-fly content matching with audience’s demographics

Ad triggering is a modern technique used by some advertisers in DooH. It’s not based on media planning, but triggers tailored advertisements in real-time, adapting to the audience’s demographics.

audience analytics

Computer Vision-Driven Content Automation

Computer vision-driven content automation enables dynamic content adaptation based on customer demographics or behaviours. Deliver personalized and targeted content that resonates with your audience, enhancing engagement and driving conversion.

Understanding Audience Engagement Duration

Conversion duration tracks the length of time an audience engages with specific content or advertisements on screen. This metric is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of each piece of content, helping you understand what captures and holds attention the best.

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