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Why Using Digital Signage
for Internal Communications

Organizations are continually seeking innovative ways to streamline internal communications and keep their workforce engaged and informed. Effective communication within an organization plays a pivotal role in ensuring its success.

Screen-based corpcoms are a game-changer, here is why

Digital signage for internal communication offers a versatile and impactful solution to engage employees and disseminate information within organizations.
It is used as a dynamic platform to deliver timely and relevant messages directly to employees, ensuring important updates on key performance indexes, company news, and announcements are effectively communicated. Whether it’s broadcasting corporate objectives, highlighting employee achievements, or sharing upcoming events, screens capture attention more effectively than traditional communication channels, increasing message retention and engagement among staff members. Moreover, digital signage enables live date, allowing organizations to swiftly communicate updates in business metrics, enhancing organizational agility.

By selecting an “enterprise” software like Navori, you can easily implement the types of usage commonly employed by modern and dynamic businesses

The Power of Visual Communication

As visual beings, humans naturally prioritize visual stimuli. Consequently, we excel at swiftly processing images and graphics compared to text-based content, and we tend to remember the conveyed information for longer periods. Harnessing this intrinsic preference for visuals, companies can use digital signage as a valuable asset to enhance internal communication. They can strategically place vibrant digital displays throughout the workspace, effectively capturing employees’ attention and guaranteeing the clear delivery of vital messages, updates, and announcements.


The Power of Digital Signage in Internal Communications

In the current era dominated by technology, traditional methods of internal communication – like emails, bulletin boards, and in-person meetings – often struggle to capture and maintain employees’ attention and spark their interest. Consequently, it is precisely at this juncture that the power of digital signage comes into play, offering an ingenious solution that effortlessly grabs the eye and expertly disseminates information.

For internal communications, specifically designed digital signage leverages visually captivating displays strategically positioned in high-visibility locations, such as common areas, break rooms, lobbies, and other bustling zones within the organizational framework. Within these displays, it can showcase a versatile array of content, encompassing announcements, updates, company milestones, event particulars, training resources, and a wide range of other informative material.

By adroitly incorporating captivating visuals and interactive components, digital signage ensures the effective delivery of messages, skillfully capturing the audience’s attention and indelibly etching the content memorably in their minds.

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Enhancing Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a critical factor in maintaining a productive and motivated workforce. Traditional methods of disseminating information often struggle to capture the attention of modern employees. They are accustomed to receiving information through digital platforms. Digital signage addresses this challenge by presenting information in an appealing and interactive format.

Organizations can effectively engineer a dynamic and deeply immersive communication experience by strategically situating digital signage displays. This strategic approach ensures that pivotal messages no longer get submerged within the vast expanse of emails or overlooked on conventional bulletin boards. Instead, these vital messages elegantly grace vivid screens that inherently demand attention, substantially increasing the likelihood of employees interacting with the content. Whether the aim is to spotlight a recent employee triumph, generate anticipation for impending social gatherings, or disseminate pertinent details regarding organizational shifts, digital signage diligently safeguards that indispensable information remains distinctly visible and unfailingly acknowledged.

Real-time Updates and Flexibility

One of the remarkable attributes of digital signage for internal communications is its adeptness in furnishing real-time updates. Particularly in swiftly changing scenarios, such as emergencies or impromptu modifications, digital signage functions as an instantaneous conduit to project vital information, guaranteeing swift and comprehensive employee awareness. Such instantaneous responsiveness not only bolsters employee safety but also significantly amplifies overall operational efficiency.

Furthermore, within the expansive realm of digital signage, an unmatched degree of adaptability takes center stage. Organizations can effortlessly modify content, systematically schedule updates, and meticulously tailor messages to cater to distinct departments or teams. This unparalleled adaptability empowers organizations to intricately craft their communication strategy, effectively catering to diverse employee clusters. As a result, this well-calibrated approach guarantees that the conveyed information remains consistently pertinent, resonates profoundly, and inherently holds significance for the designated audience.

Fostering a Connected Corporate Culture

A strong corporate culture relies on effective communication and a sense of belonging. Digital signage contributes to this by acting as a unifying platform that disseminates important messages. Moreover, it reinforces the organization’s values and goals. Digital signage helps employees feel connected to the bigger picture and motivated to contribute to the organization’s success. This can be achieved by regularly sharing success stories, employee spotlights, and updates on company initiatives.

Innovative Training and Development

Going beyond the simple distribution of announcements and updates, digital signage takes on an even more crucial role as a powerful platform for facilitating training and development initiatives. In this context, organizations skillfully utilize digital displays to seamlessly present bite-sized training modules, essential industry insights, and invaluable best practices directly to their workforce. By adopting this innovative approach, organizations not only significantly enhance employees’ skill sets but also fervently nurture a culture of continuous learning. All of this is achieved through a medium that maintains both convenience and effortless accessibility. Moreover, this approach promotes a dynamic learning environment, fostering a proactive attitude toward skill development and knowledge acquisition.

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Measuring Impact and Effectiveness

The effectiveness of any communication strategy hinges on its capacity to convey messages and attain intended results. In the realm of internal communications, digital signage operates on the same principle. Additionally, leveraging advanced analytics and tracking tools provides organizations with the means to gauge the impact of their communication endeavors. Key metrics, including content engagement, screen reach, and viewer interactions, can be continuously monitored to evaluate the efficacy of the digital signage strategy. This data-driven methodology empowers organizations to fine-tune their communication tactics, ensuring that messages truly strike a chord with employees.

How Does Digital Signage Improve Internal Communication?

Real-time Updates

One of the most significant advantages of digital signage for internal communications is its ability to deliver real-time updates. It can be company news, project milestones, or emergency alerts. Digital displays can be updated instantly. Thus, ensuring that employees are always well-informed.


Engaged employees are more productive and committed to their work. By using visually engaging content on digital signage, companies can capture employees’ interest and make communication more appealing.


With digital signage, organizations can ensure consistent messaging across departments and locations. This eliminates the potential for misinformation or miscommunication that can arise from relying solely on word-of-mouth or static written materials.


Digital signage content can be tailored to specific audiences or departments. Thus, ensuring that employees receive relevant information that pertains to their roles and responsibilities.


Use Cases: Where Digital Signage Shines

Announcements and Alerts

Emergency alert system integrated with digital signage in corporate settings broadcasts critical notifications, instructions, and updates to employees in real-time during emergency situations. When an emergency alert is triggered, such as a fire alarm or security breach, the digital signage system automatically overrides scheduled content to display the emergency message prominently on screens throughout the facility. This ensures that employees receive urgent information quickly and effectively, enabling them to respond appropriately and take necessary safety measures.

Employee Recognition

Highlighting employee achievements and milestones on digital signage boosts morale and fosters a positive work environment.

Training and Development

Digital signage can be used to screen training schedules, tips, and updates. Thus, ensuring that employees have easy access to learning resources.

Company News

Keep employees updated on company-wide news, industry trends, and market insights to foster a sense of belonging and awareness. Navori software continuously updates posts published on public or internal social media platforms.

Best Practices for Implementing Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Strategic Placement for Maximum Impact

Begin by identifying bustling locales like break rooms, lobbies, and hallways, harnessing their high footfall to optimize the visibility and reach of your digital displays. The computer vision feature offered by Navori allows you to measure footfall for each screen within a 10-meter perimeter surrounding the screen.

Craft Compelling Content for Swift Engagement

Seamlessly blend captivating visuals with succinct yet informative content that not only captures attention but also efficiently imparts information. Utilize a harmonious blend of graphics, videos, and text to invigorate viewer engagement.

Elevate Engagement Through Interactive Elements

Elevate the communication experience by seamlessly integrating interactive components, such as intuitive touch screens. This empowers employees to directly engage with the content, thereby enhancing the overall interaction and fostering a deeper connection.

Sustain Viewer Engagement with Content Rotation

Ensure sustained viewer interest by routinely refreshing the content on display. Regular updates prevent viewer fatigue and steadfastly maintain the information’s relevance and allure, guaranteeing an engaging experience for your audience. Navori generates metrics related to audience engagement for each of the displayed contents. Users can now compare the performance of each content for continuous improvement.

Unlocking the Potential: Key Strategies for Successful Implementation

Foster a Continuous Employee Feedback Loop

Establish a consistent mechanism for eliciting feedback from your workforce, which plays a pivotal role in comprehending their preferences and information requirements. Henceforth, this invaluable input can then be adeptly harnessed to intricately refine and optimize your digital signage strategy.

Formulate Measurable Objectives for Precision

Today, users of digital signage have the capability to measure audience engagement, specifically tracking foot traffic or audience engagement towards a screen or a specific content, and access metrics on an hourly basis, by day of the week, or for comparative analysis across different periods.

Recommended software for corpcoms

Selecting enterprise software for corporate communications signage offers several advantages.

it provides robust features and capabilities tailored to the complex needs of large organizations, including advanced content management tools, sophisticated scheduling options, and extensive scalability to support deployment across multiple locations or departments.

Additionally, enterprise software often offers enhanced security features, ensuring that sensitive corporate communications remain protected from unauthorized access or breaches.

Moreover, enterprise software typically provides comprehensive support and maintenance services, including regular updates, technical assistance, and dedicated customer support channels. This ensures smooth operation and minimizes downtime, allowing organizations to maintain seamless communication with employees at all times. Furthermore, enterprise software solutions often integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure and business systems, facilitating efficient data exchange and workflow integration.