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Digital Signage for Small Business
Can Help Your Bottom Line


Digital signage is a great way to bring your small business into the modern age.

A single screen for small business offers a dynamic and visually captivating platform to convey information within corporate settings. Whether showcasing company news, announcements, event schedules, or key performance metrics, screens engage employees more effectively than conventional static communication methods. Furthermore, screens facilitate real-time updates, enabling organizations to swiftly disseminate timely information across various departments and locations, promoting transparency and ensuring employees remain informed and engaged.

In this article, we’ll explore how digital signage can help your small business’s bottom line.

Delivering Dynamic Content that Captivates

Using Navori content manager, you can customize your content with videos, images, text, graphics, and animations easily. This helps you keep your audience engaged with fresh content. Engaging content is more memorable and can lead to more conversions later on.

With commercial digital signage displays, businesses of all sizes can share engaging content with their target audience in real-time. Small businesses can customize the content to meet specific customer needs. This creates a more personalized customer experience, which is important in today’s competitive market. Digital signage also helps small businesses grab attention and prompt action by displaying attractive visuals, live data, and informative videos.

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A Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

Digital signage for business is also a cost-effective advertising solution when compared to traditional forms of marketing such as print ads or television commercials. With small business signage, you only have to pay once for each screen unit – no ongoing fees are necessary!

Plus, you get access to analytics about viewers’ engagement with your content so you can see how well it resonated with them in real-time. That way you know exactly what works best for your target audience and which messages need improvement or tweaking to maximize results!

Digital signage solutions for small businesses provide cost-effective ways to share important messaging with customers. Furthermore, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has made it easier than ever before for companies of all sizes to build out their digital screen network quickly and affordably.

SaaS solutions are affordable, easy to roll out, and scale easily so you can add more corporate digital signs as your business needs grow. Start with a few strategically placed digital screen signs and monitor the impact on sales before you add more screens. SaaS-powered digital signage is cost-effective and requires no major upfront investment so you can spend what you need now and measure your ROI over time.

Here are some advantages of digital displays running on a SaaS platform

No technical knowledge is required

SaaS digital signage solutions for small businesses require no special technical knowledge or large investment in computer servers and storage. With Navori SaaS software, all backend infrastructure is managed by the service provider freeing local staff to perform their assigned tasks.

You don’t need in-house technical or support staff

Since the Navori solution is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed via any web browser, there is no local software to install or maintain. Software training and maintenance are provided by Navori so you can concentrate on running your business.

Buy only what you need, when you need it

There is no large upfront capital expense. Navori’s SaaS digital signage solutions for businesses let you purchase software licenses and standalone player hardware as you need them. Licenses are renewed annually so you can purchase more when the business is growing and only renew licenses that are needed. No need to write off software licenses that you no longer need.

Benefit of enterprise features

Selecting enterprise solution from a SOC2 certified vendor like Navori for corporate communications offers several advantages. It delivers comprehensive features and functionalities specifically designed to meet the intricate requirements of large enterprises, encompassing advanced content management tools, refined scheduling options, and significant scalability to facilitate deployment across numerous locations or departments.

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Add features as you need them

Commercial digital signage software features should match your needs. It’s why Navori SaaS solutions make so much sense for small business owners. Not only do you get to renew licenses annually, but some solutions let you purchase the features that you need.

The Navori digital signage solutions are offered in “starter” and “professional” editions so you get to pick the features that matter most to your business. Sometimes, you don’t need all the bells and whistles. Perhaps you just want to screen a short content playlist 24/7, so there’s no need for complex scheduling or automated features.

Perhaps you need to play synchronized content across multiple screens, or you may wish to screen content triggered by real-time events. Rather than acquiring a solution that has every feature known to man, you could simply pick and choose what you need based on the screen’s location or a unique purpose.

If your needs ever change in the future, you just activate the features that you want for the screens that need them.

Use any existing content or create your own

Small businesses can publish existing assets such as YouTube videos, social media content, or advertising without reformatting or conversion.

It’s easy to maximize your return on original creative spending because you can reuse these assets as many times as needed. In fact, businesses that lack existing visual assets can create their own original content using the tools provided by theNavori SaaS platform.

Since these tools are delivered via the web, there is no dealing with expired software versions. Using the built-in creative capabilities built into the platform, staff can achieve professional results in-house and save on creative costs.

Navori offers an integrated designer module within its CMS. You can create your own graphic animations, produce business dashboards within minutes, without any technical knowledge

Monitor your small business signage yourself

Some large businesses farm out the management of their commercial digital signage displays to third parties so they can concentrate on their core activities. This makes sense, especially when they’re managing large screen networks installed across many time zones.

Small businesses that have a smaller signage footprint can leverage Navori SaaS software’s built-in content scheduling and screen monitoring features to ensure their screens remain online and perform as expected.

They can rely on the digital signage software’s proof of play reporting to ensure their content is shown as scheduled and that each screen is working properly. Using real-time status updates, technicians can be dispatched onsite to resolve any issue that may come up.

Seamless Integration Across Multiple Platforms

Another great benefit of digital signage for small businesses is its seamless integration across multiple platforms. You can easily integrate digital displays into existing networks or commercial systems without having to worry about compatibility issues or complicated setup processes. Plus, you can also connect these displays directly with social media accounts so customers can interact with them in real time if needed – making customer service quick and efficient!

Social media is but one of many types of information that you can publish to your screens. Consider local news, weather forecasts, sports scores, lottery numbers, and many other data feeds that are constantly updated by independent sources.

Screen signs for small businesses that screen live information help foster a higher level of engagement making each visit more memorable. Engaged customers spend more, and have better shopping experiences which translate into return visits.

Recommended hardware

Navori Player app is compatible with most brands and models of screens. Want to use an existing screen? No problem. Our Android media player device, StiX, is the solution! Just connect it to the screen, it activates automatically, and is ready for use immediately.