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Built-in features for meeting room occupancy screens

Discover the seamless integration of Navori digital signage software in managing meeting room availability. Enhance your workplace efficiency with real-time updates that simplify booking and minimize scheduling conflicts.

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Increased Productivity
Time Saved on Administrative Tasks


Real-Time Availability

Real-Time Availability

Our digital signage software offers live updates, ensuring meeting rooms’ current status is always displayed, reducing the time spent on managing bookings.

Seamless Integration with Office 365

Seamless Integration with Office 365

Streamline your meeting room scheduling with our direct integration into Office 365, ensuring all updates are instantly reflected on screens.

Insights on Room Usage

Insights on Room Usage

Gain valuable insights into how meeting spaces are utilized within your organization, helping to improve room allocation and usage.

Upcoming Meetings Display

Upcoming Meetings Display

Easily view upcoming meetings, ensuring all participants are aware of the room schedules, which helps in avoiding overlaps and double bookings.

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The magic occurs within Navori App, a Content Management System (CMS), which is a software enabling users to generate, oversee, and timetable content for showcasing on the digital menu boards. Accessible through either a web-based interface, a smartphone or a tablet, the CMS empowers your digital menu board.

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Check Room Status

View Live Availability: Use our digital displays to check the real-time status of all meeting rooms at a glance.

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Book on the Go

Quick Booking: Easily book a room through your mobile device or directly at the display outside the room.

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Receive Instant Confirmation

Booking Confirmation: Get immediate booking confirmation directly on your device and the meeting room display.

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Meeting Reminder

Automated Alerts: Receive reminders before your meeting starts, ensuring timely starts and efficient use of meeting spaces.

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Maximized Room Utilization

Reduce Idle Times: Displaying real-time availability and schedules helps in significantly reducing unutilized room times.

Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Enhanced Productivity

Streamlined Processes: Facilitate a smoother flow of meetings with easy access to room availability, increasing overall workplace productivity.

Time Savings on Administrative Tasks

Automate Scheduling: Automate the room booking process and reduce the time spent on manual scheduling and administration.

conference room signage
conference room signage

Improved Meeting Efficiency

Smarter Meetings: With real-time updates and insights, ensure that meetings are planned more effectively, making every conference room encounter productive.

Real-Time Synchronization with Cloud Services

Cloud Integration: Our software integrates with cloud-based platforms like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, keeping all schedules synchronized.

conference room signage

Customizable Displays

Tailor Your Needs: Customize the digital signage displays to show relevant information such as room name, availability, and time slots.

conference room signage

Mobile Accessibility

Manage on the Move: Access room statuses and manage bookings directly from your smartphone, facilitating on-the-go management.

conference room

Analytics and Reporting

Optimize Space Usage: Utilize built-in analytics to track and report on room usage patterns, aiding in the optimization of space across your premises.

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