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Lotto Bayern improves customer experience across 3500 affiliates

Our 4000 screens have a more modern design and our customers love the new look. The LOTTO Bayern digital signage content plays 24/7/365 and the system has been extremely reliable.

Software Requirements

Challenges were to collaborate actively with Samsung to reach a broadcast-quality play out by pushing the SoC screen to the limits while retaining a very high degree of reliability of the on-premises digital signage software system.

  • A 4’000 SCREENS DIGITAL SIGNAGE NETWORK. After two months of intensive field tests, the screens were deployed in less than six months. Undoubtedly, the degree of reliability of Navori software has been measured and validated in extreme situations.
  • RICH CONTENT RENDERING. The project had extremely high requirements which meant maximizing Samsung SoC performances on Navori Digital Signage Software playing HTML, smart content embedded in a multi-layer template with seamless transition from one content to another.
  • REMOTE SCREEN FIRMWARE MAINTENANCE. Therefore, via Navori Content Manager, Lotto Bayern can remotely upgrade the Samsung SSP screen firmware without on-site intervention.
  • ON-PREMISE BACKEND SERVER. For obvious security reasons, the Navori server on-premise digital signage system uses a VPN for the connection between Navori Server and the players, the whole being integrated into the customer’s local network.
  • LOAD BALANCING AND CDN. Given a large number of players and the critical aspect of this deployment, the customer uses several load-balancing servers and an internal CDN for the distribution of content to each of the screens.

About Lotto Bayern and IMOLED

Some information about the end customer and our partner at the initiative of this project

Lotto Bayern

LOTTO Bayern is the state lottery in Bavaria and an enterprise of the Free State of Bavaria under the Ministry of Finance. Furthermore, the earnings and Duties of LOTTO Bayern go to the general welfare and not to the commercial pursuit of profits. Precisely, LOTTO Bayern is – like the lotteries of the other federal states – an associate of the German Lottery Association (Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock – DLT B) and its second-biggest member. Particularly, LOTTO Bayern sales organization is made through retailers in commission (as a sideline) with around of 16’000 employees. Retailers in Bavaria are about 3’500 and District Offices in Bavaria: 24. Nevertheless, internet Sales are a dynamic distribution channel, which will become more and more important. Nevertheless, local retailers will remain the most important channel of distribution in the long run.


Imoled is an expert for visual digital communication solutions for businesses and institutions. Founded in Paderborn, Germany the company’s main business branches are system integration, digital-out-of-home advertising, inbound-marketing and content. Imoled stands for longtime expertise in technological competence and reliable realization.

Navori Modules Used for This Project

  • AAP-40 Navori Core: Server On-Premise – Desktop and Mobile Content Manager, Multi-user with customizable roles – SSO, Template and Ticker Designer, Data Feed Manager XML, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Office 365 and Google Calendar and basic Monitoring
  • AAP-41 Expert module including advanced monitoring  and aggregated playback reporting
  • ASR-02 Load balancing module – per additional IIS server
  • ASR-03 Microsoft Azure BLOB module