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Built-in Features for Drive Thru Menu Boards

Drive-thru menu boards promote more sales and revenue for restaurants by displaying additional items or specials. Digital boards operate autonomously, ensuring accuracy and accessibility for customers.


Drive Thru Features

PoS Integration

PoS Integration

Integrate your drive-thru menu board with Navori software for real-time updates and accurate pricing, enhancing service speed and customer satisfaction.

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Streamline Order Processing

Streamline Order Processing

Boost your QSR’s efficiency with Navori’s drive-thru digital menu boards. These tools streamline order processing and elevate the customer experience for a swift and satisfying visit.

Eye Catching, Mouth Watering Visuals

Eye Catching, Mouth Watering Visuals

Upgrade your drive-thru with Navori’s digital menu boards, designed to captivate and entice customers with mouthwatering visuals.

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Day Parting

Day Parting

Navori’s day-parting capabilities optimize drive-thru operations by promoting the right products at the most appropriate times.

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 Easy Steps

First Number

Integrate with POS Systems

Integrate your digital menu boards with your POS system for real-time updates on inventory levels and pricing changes. This ensures accuracy and reduces customer disappointment.

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Design Your Content

Design attractive menu content with Navori’s CMS. Use high-quality images, prices, and descriptions to quickly grab customers’ attention.

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Schedule and Automate

Use Navori’s scheduling to automate content delivery based on time of day or customer behaviors, for efficient dayparting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

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Publish and Monitor

After integrating your content with the POS system, deploy menu boards to drive-thru lanes and use Navori’s monitoring tools to ensure smooth performance and quickly address any issues.

Find Out More About How Drive Thru Menu Boards Could Monetize your Restaurant

Maximize your restaurant's revenue with dynamic drive-thru menu boards that highlight promotions and adjust offerings during peak hours.

of Drive Thru Menu Boards

Enhance Your Menus’ Visual Appeal

Drive-thru menu boards use dynamic displays to showcase vibrant images, videos, and animations of dishes with descriptions and graphics to create an immersive dining experience. Rotating specials or chef recommendations also spark customer interest.

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Customize Seamlessly

Customize your Navori menu board effortlessly with real-time updates of time, date, stock levels, and weather conditions. This enhances both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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Gain Operational Insights

Navori’s digital menu boards offer analytics capabilities to track popular menu items, peak ordering times and customer preferences. This can help enhance service and boost profitability with data-driven strategies.

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Streamline Drive-Thru Flow

Digital menu boards in drive-thrus can manage customer flow by displaying updatable content, reducing order times and improving the experience. Navori’s advanced systems demonstrate this efficient approach.

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Content Dayparting and Context-Aware Content Triggering:

Navori digital signage uses content dayparting to display different types of content at other times of the day, ensuring maximum engagement. It can also adapt the content in real time based on environmental cues or audience demographics, making it more relevant and impactful.

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PoS and Centralized Product and Inventory Management

PoS systems integrated with Navori digital signage allow for automated content updates based on inventory and sales data. This keeps promotions and product information accurate and up to date and improves operational efficiency and customer experience.


Synchronize Content Across Multiple Screens for Immersive Storytelling

Navori syncs content on multiple screens, creating an immersive storytelling experience that engages customers in larger spaces with a cohesive and captivating narrative across various digital touchpoints.

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Gather Metrics on Attendance, Productivity, and Waiting Time

Navori’s analytics provide attendance, productivity, and customer waiting time metrics to enhance customer service, optimize operations, and improve business performance.

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