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Navori Content Manager

Mastering Digital Menu Board Screen Synch for a Unified Experience

Navori Manager streamlines the process of creating, managing and publishing content to media players, and issues activities and screen audience reporting
Digital Signage Board
Display the full variety of your menus
Your menus visible at a glance
Sync any type of content
Templates with dynamic data, videos..
Sync across all types of hardware
Whether Samsung SOC or media player device

Where Culinary Delights Meet Digital Mastery

Imagine walking into a lively restaurant filled with delicious smells and happy customers. As you get closer, you see an eye-catching digital menu board (DMB) made of several screens that show a variety of tasty dishes.

The screens work together perfectly to take you through the menu, making special dishes and deals stand out. Every dish looks so good on the screen, you can’t wait to try them! This experience makes you even hungrier and promises a meal you won’t forget.

Digital Menu Boards use different screens to show your menu choices. Each part of the screen can show different items, like desserts, drinks, or main dishes. Some parts rotate through different complete deals. The screens change together smoothly, so it feels like one big menu.

This coordination is key to keeping the menu stable and helping customers decide what to order without confusion.

Synchronization Features

Sync Content Transitions Across Multiple Screens

Make your digital menu boards better with Navori’s top-notch screen syncing. This makes sure your menu shows smoothly across several screens, telling a great story of your dishes from starters to desserts. Your menu looks united and inviting. This smooth sharing of your menu across all screens makes dining more enjoyable and helps customers easily see everything you offer, drawing them in from start to finish.

Display Content by Slicing into Several Pieces, One Slice Per Screen

Boost your menu’s look by dividing it into clear sections, each one carefully crafted to fit perfectly on separate screens. Navori lets you showcase your dishes with great detail and style, grabbing your audience’s attention with eye-catching images and engaging descriptions. This method makes your menu more visually interesting and invites customers to dive deeper into what you have to offer, sparking their curiosity and encouraging them to check out all the different options.

Sync Any Content Type

Make your digital menu board come alive with Navori’s great syncing features, mixing different kinds of content to grab attention. Show off your dishes with bright, clear pictures that make the flavors pop, and add videos that show how the food is made. Navori makes it easy to create fun and engaging displays that catch the eye and make customers want to try more, making every visit something they’ll remember.

Menu board navori builder

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The Benefits of Syncing Content

Enhanced Brand Image

Navori’s digital menu board technology offers the unparalleled ability to project a unified brand image and message across every display, significantly reinforcing your establishment’s identity. This consistent branding strategy ensures that from the moment guests enter your restaurant to their final savory bite, every touchpoint with your brand is a reflection of its core values and aesthetic.

By presenting a cohesive narrative through visual elements and messaging, Navori helps foster a deeper connection with your audience, building trust and nurturing loyalty among both new patrons and long-standing customers. This strategic approach not only elevates the customer experience but also solidifies your brand’s presence in the competitive culinary landscape.

Increased Sales

Leverage Navori App’s advanced synchronization capabilities to elevate your sales and conversion rates through impeccably timed and compelling content. By harmonizing strategically crafted visuals and persuasive messaging across all screens, you can capture your audience’s attention and spark their curiosity.

This seamless integration of content not only maximizes the impact of your promotional efforts but also significantly influences the purchasing decisions of your patrons. Entice them with the allure of your irresistible offerings, leading to an uptick in revenue and profitability.

With Navori, transform your digital menu boards into powerful tools for boosting sales, ensuring every customer interaction is an opportunity to enhance their dining experience and contribute to your establishment’s success.

Boosted Engagement

Navori enables you to engage your audience on a new level, utilizing synchronized content that effortlessly captivates and educates across multiple screens. This synchronization fosters deeper connections and interactions, whether it’s by highlighting seasonal specials, emphasizing chef’s recommendations, or promoting loyalty programs.

The power of seamlessly integrated content lies in its ability to pique curiosity, encourage exploration, and build meaningful engagement that transcends the dining experience.

With Navori, transform your digital displays into dynamic platforms for interaction, making every moment an opportunity to impress and engage your patrons, ensuring they leave with memorable impressions and a desire to return.

Seamless Integration with Navori App

Navori’s advanced technology syncs screens together, making one big story out of many screens. Whether it’s showing a story that moves from one screen to another or sharing the same special deals and news on all screens, Navori keeps everything matching and clear, no matter where the screens are or what kind they are. With super accurate syncing, up to 1/30th of a second, everything on your screens lines up perfectly. This makes watching your screens smooth and engaging, sure to be remembered.

Take a Deeper Dive Into Digital Menu Boards

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Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Each content displayed simultaneously on each of the screens must have an identical duration.

Ensure proper categorization and arrangement of content to enhance viewer engagement. Avoid cluttered displays with an excessive number of items, which can detract from the viewer’s experience.

Incorporate captivating food photos to entice patrons and elevate the overall impact of your content.

Recommended Hardware

Synchronization is available on all media player devices or SoC screens, provided that each player has equivalent power. Ideally, each SoC screen or media player device should be of the same brand and model.

Considering the critical nature of this use case, it’s essential to plan for backup hardware in case of failure. That’s why opting for an external media player like the Stix, produced by Navori, is ideal. In the event of a failure, there’s no need to dismantle the screen. Simply replace the media player device, and the other screens continue to operate normally.

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