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Hotels & Resorts

Hotels Use Navori to Enhance the Guest Experience and Boost ROI

From check-in to check-out, hotels Use Navori to share information, showcase activities with guests. Content automation boosts employee productivity while enhancing guest experiences.
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Revenue Growth Due to targeted advertising, promotion of on-site amenities, and partnerships with third-party advertisers.
Enhanced Guest Satisfaction Through real-time information delivery, wayfinding assistance, and engaging content, resulting in more positive reviews and return visits.
Operational Efficiency By using digital signage for staff communication, emergency messaging, and synchronized content management, streamlining day-to-day operations.

Identify the needs and pitfalls

In the busy world of hotels, keeping guests happy while managing everyday tasks is hard. Hotel digital signage is like a helpful tool to fix these problems. Hotels need a cool and modern way to talk to guests, making their stay smooth from check-in to check-out. Digital signs not only do this but also avoid the problems of old-fashioned ways. They help with instant info, making guests happier and improving how the hotel works.

But sometimes, there are issues like old info, no interactive features, and hard updates that make talking with guests difficult. Navori software sees these problems and gives a modern solution to avoid the issues of old communication ways.

Template Hotel Lobby Display

Ready to Redefine Guest Experiences? Discover the Power of Hotel Digital Signage!

Create a Modern and Inviting Lobby Area
Elevate the first impression guests have by transforming the lobby into a visually appealing space. Engage visitors with dynamic content that showcases the hotel’s offerings, events, and promotions, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Save Staff’s Time by Answering FAQ’s on Screen:
Reduce the burden on staff by automating frequently asked questions through digital signage. Guests can easily find information about amenities, check-out times, and local attractions, freeing up staff to focus on personalized guest interactions.

Manage All Hotel Displays from a Single Interface:
Streamline operations by centralizing control. Navori digital signage software allows for easy management of content across all displays from a single interface, ensuring consistency in messaging and minimizing the risk of outdated information.

Help Guests Navigate the Hotel Facility:
Enhance the guest experience by providing interactive maps and directions through digital signage. Guests can effortlessly navigate the hotel, explore facilities, and access information about events, dining options, and more.

Supports All Player and Screen Types:
Navori software is versatile, compatible with various player and screen types. This flexibility ensures seamless integration into existing infrastructure, making it an adaptable solution for diverse hotel environments.

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Real-life Use Cases for Hotel Digital Signage

Integrate with Internal Systems to Sync Event Schedules
Navori digital signage software seamlessly integrates with internal systems, syncing event schedules in real-time. This ensures guests stay informed about conferences, meetings, and other events happening within the hotel.

Display Live News, Weather, and Traffic Information
Keep guests updated with real-time information by displaying news, weather, and traffic updates. Navori’s digital signage transforms screens into dynamic sources of information, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Display Announcements, Promotions, and Special Events
Promote hotel amenities, special offers, and upcoming events through eye-catching visuals and announcements. Navori’s platform allows for easy scheduling and updating of content, ensuring timely communication.

Interactive Wayfinders and Directional Signage
Improve guest navigation with interactive wayfinders. Provide step-by-step directions to various hotel facilities, helping guests easily locate conference rooms, restaurants, and recreational areas.

Monetize Your Screens with DOOH Advertising
Navori supports a variety of content types, including PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, videos, and more. Ensure compatibility with your existing content while leveraging the flexibility of Digital Signage to convey information effectively.

In Conclusion

In summary, Navori software gives a boost to the hotel industry by helping them meet the different needs of guests and steer clear of the usual problems linked to old ways of communication. Whether it’s making attractive lobbies or managing screens well, Navori’s adaptability and fresh ideas change the way hotels connect with guests, making their stay better and the hotel work smoother.

Take your hotel’s communication to the next level with Navori’s state-of-the-art hotel digital signage solutions.