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Navori Mobile specifically designed for non-desk employees

Are you looking for a mobile digital signage content management solution? Navori Mobile is the perfect solution for businesses with remote staff.

Navori Navori Mobile is an app specifically designed for non-desk employees.  This software product lets remote staff interact with a company’s digital signage screen network in real-time using any smartphone or tablet.  Apple iOS and Android are supported.

Navori Mobile lets staff perform a range of tasks while they are out in the field:

  • Access any Navori Player hosted content and playlist on their player.
  • Trigger any content in real-time.
  • Create playlists on-the-fly.
  • Navori Mobile provides complete control over content playback, on-demand.

Here are a few examples…

  • Program content to play only once, or play content until a specific time (say, until midnight…)
  • Release any previously triggered content and return to normal programming.
  • Push content updates to any screen on demand.
  • Trigger individual media or playlists that contain multiple items (images, videos, templates…).
  • Turn displays on or off.
  • Modify the audio level, or mute the audio altogether.

Applications: Quick Service and casual restaurants, retail stores, gyms, and fitness centers

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Why Navori Mobile?

Navori Mobile is the perfect mobile digital signage content management solution for busy, remote employees who need to interact with a company’s digital signage screen network in real time. With support for Apple iOS and Android devices, Navori Mobile lets you stay connected and update your signage content on the go, from anywhere.