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Navori achieves SOC 2 compliance

Navori Labs prioritizes safeguarding the security of our customers’ data with utmost importance. We maintain a steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards of information security and procedures to align with industry best practices.

Navori Labs adds SOC 2 compliance to Navori Digital Signage Software

We are excited to announce that Navori has successfully achieved SOC 2 compliance. SOC 2 is a highly respected and recognized certification in information security, marking a significant step in our journey towards enhanced information security.

Our journey towards SOC 2 certification for our software platforms and cloud infrastructure began in the summer of 2022. The first stage of this process was successfully completed by the end of March 2023. To meet the highest standards of quality and security, we had to complete 1280 tasks.

While this new operating standard has led to an increase in production costs, it assures our customers of the highest levels of quality, safety, and security.

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About SOC 2 compliance

SOC 2 compliance requires an independent third-party auditor to evaluate the alignment of a cloud-based service provider’s systems and processes with the five trust principles of SOC, known TSC. The TSC principles encompass Security, Privacy, Confidentiality, Processing Integrity, and Availability.

What sets SOC 2 apart from other security certifications is its flexible nature, enabling businesses to customize the implementation of the SOC 2 framework to meet their specific objectives and operational needs. Rather than following a predefined checklist of controls, processes, or tools, the auditor focuses on assessing the effectiveness of the implemented controls that are relevant to the chosen TSC criteria. Expert opinions are provided by the auditor on:

  • The design of the company’s security program (SOC 2 Type 1).
  • The execution of the program over a specified time period (SOC 2 Type 2).

Following the assessment, the auditor compiles their opinions and findings into a tailored SOC report, providing customers with assurance about the data protection measures implemented by the business. The SOC report serves as a means to demonstrate the steps taken to safeguard customer data.

Why SOC 2 certification matters

Cloud-based digital signage software providers are increasingly seeking SOC 2 certification, recognizing its importance. This certification shows a deep commitment to maintaining top-notch security and privacy standards. It’s proof that a provider’s systems and methods meet the rigorous requirements of the SOC 2 framework.

In the digital signage software industry, where sensitive data is often handled and displayed, SOC 2 certification is particularly important. It gives customers and stakeholders confidence that their information is managed and protected following the best industry practices. This certification also distinguishes the provider from competitors, marking them as a reliable and secure choice for businesses.

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About Navori Software

Navori Digital Signage Software, developed by Navori Labs, is a comprehensive and flexible tool. It enables businesses to efficiently manage and display a variety of content on digital signage screens. The software is user-friendly and features advanced scheduling options, allowing users to easily create, plan, and present captivating content to their audience.

Additionally, Navori Labs offers Aquaji, an AI-powered computer vision software. Aquaji provides dependable marketing analytics, tracking visitor foot-traffic and behavior in physical spaces to enhance the customer experience.

Together, Navori and Aquaji form a unique and comprehensive software solution. This combination allows businesses to not only display any content effectively but also to measure its impact through precise engagement data.

About Navori Labs

Navori Labs, based in Switzerland, is a leading innovator in digital signage, computer vision, and AI-driven marketing analytics software. With more than 20 years of experience, we provide top-tier technology and expertise in large-scale deployments globally. Our versatile, multiplatform software is built on an open architecture, developed by our team of skilled engineers. We offer both cloud-based and on-premise solutions, all certified for use in government and enterprise settings.

For more information about our SOC 2 certified digital signage platform, please visit our website.