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Retail Media and DOOH Advertising

Effective use of Retail media necessitates a strategic approach. It begins with deeply understanding the audience and their screen exposure habits. This knowledge is crucial for advertisers to make informed decisions about investing in this medium.

Traditionally, digital signage operates with playlists. The more media there are to play or the longer their duration, the less each media within it will be played daily. The advertising logic sells a predetermined number of impressions per media, planned from the outset. This is the business model of the retail media operator.


Let’s dig into the software functionalities, hardware equipment, and operation of a screen network applied to retail media.

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Software Features For Retail Media

Audience Measurement

Audience Measurement

Navori offers a solution comprising a player device connected to a micro camera, StiX 3800. The Navori player software tracks each individual while displaying statistics on the audience by day of the week, time slot, and advertisement aired.

These metrics are stored in the CMS along with broadcast reports, enabling the operator to analyze foot traffic around its screens and its evolution. These data allow advertisers to calculate and track conversions, cost per acquisition (CPA), and other modeling techniques.

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Audience Dwell Time

Audience Dwell Time

The Navori Player software detects the audience and calculates the dwell time for each detected person in front of the screen. This valuable information is used to establish effective media planning by adjusting the duration of each advertisement to the dwell time.

For example, my retail media network has a dwell time of 15 seconds. In that case, it is more beneficial to establish a media planning consisting of 8-second slots each to maximize the likelihood that the audience watches an advertisement in its entirety.

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Media Planning and Operations

Media Planning and Operations

Streamline advertising by creating a media plan that targets a specific number of impressions and alternates between ads and non-ad content. This process also outlines ad sequencing—typically three consecutive ads followed by entertainment.

If slots remain unsold, they’re filled with either generic content or programmatic ads. Additionally, the system generates a detailed grid showing all scheduled broadcasts for each day and slot, incrementing from start to finish, which is then shared with advertisers for pre-broadcast validation. This ensures each ad airs as planned, optimizing media spend and slot utilization.

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Advertising and Audience Reporting

Advertising and Audience Reporting

Upon campaign execution, the software generates a report per advertiser. It lists the impressions generated (when the screen was on and functional), the audience reached, and its dwell time, by screen, group, typology, or geography.

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Programmatic DooH

Programmatic DooH

In programmatic advertising, Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) are essential for advertisers and agencies to buy digital ad inventory efficiently. These platforms support managing multiple ad exchange accounts through a single interface, offering tools for targeting, bidding, and optimization.

Navori CMS seamlessly integrates with programmatic platforms like Vistar Media or Hivestack. This integration allows retail media network operators to monetize unsold slots or fill their networks entirely with programmatic advertisements.

Moreover, Navori software’s audience measurement capabilities enhance Data Management Platforms (DMPs), which advertisers and publishers use to collect and analyze audience data. This data helps create more targeted and effective advertising campaigns, optimizing ad spend and engagement.

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Navori's Open Architecture API

Navori's Open Architecture API

The Navori software’s API allows you to develop apps to integrate the software into your internal booking system and automate management up to publication. From the moment of acquisition, you know that with this API, you will be able to do everything without constraint or restriction.

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Streamline the setup of your retail media display with these four easy steps, making it an efficient and economical choice for enhancing business communications.

First Number

Create Your Retail Media Business Model

Identify the audience, their dwell time, and the desired number of daily impressions to monetize. Allocate the time between advertising and entertainment, and set up your system to monetize programmatic digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising for any unsold timeslots.

Second Number

Ship and Connect Stix 3800 Player Device

Upon receiving the hardware, the Stix 3800 player device connects automatically without any manual intervention needed.

Third Number

Populate your Ad and Programmatic-Driven Slots

Populate your advertising slots; they will be broadcast exactly at the frequency defined by the transaction with your client.

Fourth Number

Publish and Report to your Advertisers

Publish content and generate detailed impressions and audience reports for your advertisers to validate campaign effectiveness and reach.

Find Out More About Navori in Retail Media Networks

Discover how Navori optimizes retail media networks, enhancing advertising effectiveness and customer engagement across digital platforms.

A 360° solution

Navori offers a 360° Retail Media Software solution, encompassing all aspects of advertising operations from ad booking and playback to AI-driven audience measurement and management of player devices.



Navori software provides flexibility and adapts easily to your business model, facilitating swift changes. Available for most SoC screen brands and media players, the Navori Player app allows you to effortlessly update existing screen networks without the need for new hardware or additional labor.

Security and Business Continuity

Navori stands as a pioneer and leader in the digital signage industry, ensuring top-tier security and stability. Our SOC2 certification attests to the quality and security of the apps and projects we provide, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and business continuity.

Automate Content with Real-Time Data Value

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

With the StiX 3800 powered by Navori Player App, we offer a comprehensive solution at a fraction of the price typically charged for such features. Navori Player provides professional features to reduce your OPEX such as 8 years longevity, remote screen control and monitoring and hand free deployment to save on labor and travel expenses.

Get KPIs on Playback and Audience Engagement

Navori software offers valuable insights through key performance indicators (KPIs) related to playback and audience engagement. This functionality allows you to assess the effectiveness of your content, providing crucial data on how it resonates with viewers. By tracking these metrics, you can identify successful elements of your content strategy and pinpoint areas that may need enhancement, ensuring your digital signage continuously improves and achieves its communication goals.

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Create and publish your content using Navori’s CMS

Utilize Navori’s CMS to easily create and publish your digital signage content. Our user-friendly CMS provides a suite of tools that allow you to design engaging and impactful content tailored to your audience. Whether you’re aiming to inform, entertain, or advertise, Navori’s CMS makes it simple to bring your digital signage visions to life, ensuring your messages capture attention and deliver results.

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