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Stadium & Arena

Bolster Your Stadium and Arena’s Fan Experience and Revenue

Stadiums and arenas leverage screens and Navori to showcase live action replays, way finding, emergency information and sponsor or advertising during breaks.
Increased Sponsorship ROI Thanks to these dynamic displays that capture the audience's attention
Enhanced Fan Satisfaction By delivering real-time information, interactive content, and engaging visuals
Boost in Concession Sales By using digital menu boards and promotions on signage to entice fans to purchase concessions

Identify the needs and pitfalls

In stadiums digital signage and arenas, it’s crucial to cater to the diverse needs of both spectators and event organizers. The digital age has brought new possibilities, with digital signage becoming a vital tool to address these changing requirements. These needs vary widely, from offering real-time information to enhancing the overall fan experience.

However, despite the many advantages, implementing digital signage in stadiums comes with its own challenges. These can include technical issues and content mismanagement. To fully harness the potential of stadium digital signage solutions, it’s essential to understand and address these challenges.

What Makes Digital Signage Screens the Winning Play for Stadiums?

Manage Every Screen in the Stadium from a Single Interface
Digital signage from Navori allows for centralized control, streamlining the management of multiple screens scattered across the stadium. This not only simplifies the logistical aspect but also ensures uniformity in content delivery, creating a seamless and immersive experience for spectators.

Modernize the Look and Feel of the Stadium
Digital signage goes beyond functionality; it is a powerful aesthetic tool. Navori solutions help modernize the stadium’s appearance, creating an engaging atmosphere that captivates spectators and reflects the innovative spirit of the venue.

Sell Ad Space on Programmatic Ad Exchanges
Unlock new revenue streams by leveraging programmatic ad exchanges. Navori software empowers stadiums to monetize ad spaces efficiently, connecting with advertisers and delivering targeted, engaging content to the audience, thereby creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders.

Keep Back-Office Staff Organized and Informed
Efficiency is key in the fast-paced environment of stadiums. Navori software solutions enable back-office staff to stay organized and well-informed, facilitating smooth coordination and ensuring that operations run seamlessly.

Supports All Player and Screen Types
Versatility is a cornerstone of Navori software. Whether it’s large LED displays or interactive kiosks, Navori’s solutions seamlessly support all player and screen types, providing stadiums with the flexibility to implement a diverse range of stadium signage displays tailored to their unique requirements.

Before switching to Navori, we were running 7 different CMS platforms. Basically we had a seperate software for every type of display experience we can in the stadium. Finding a single software platform that can handle all of our use cases has been a game changer!

— Stan Biksma, Arena Comms Lead

Real-life Use Cases for Stadium Digital Signage

Encourage Ticket Sales by Promoting Upcoming Events
Navori’s digital signage software becomes a dynamic promotional tool, enticing spectators with visually appealing content to boost ticket sales for upcoming events.

Use Directional Signage to Help People Quickly Find Their Seats
Enhance the spectator experience by deploying directional signage that guides individuals to their seats efficiently, reducing confusion and improving overall satisfaction.

Enhance Your Exterior Facades with Ultra-Large LED Displays
Navori software enable stadiums to make a bold statement by deploying large, eye-catching LED displays on exterior facades, creating an immersive visual experience for passersby.

Deploy Interactive Kiosks for Fan Engagement and Fun
Foster fan engagement with interactive kiosks powered by Navori. These kiosks provide an interactive and entertaining experience, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the event.

Emergency and Evacuation Notices and Alerts
In critical situations, Navori software serves as a reliable platform to disseminate emergency notices and evacuation alerts on your stadium digital signage displays, ensuring the safety and well-being of all attendees.

In Conclusion

Navori’s digital signage solutions bring about significant changes, meeting needs, tackling challenges, and enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved in stadiums and arenas. Whether it’s streamlining management or engaging fans with innovation, Navori’s dedication to excellence makes it the top choice for those aiming to unlock the full potential of stadium digital signage.