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Built-in Features for Video wall And Multi-screen

Video walls have become key for storytelling, engaging with brands, and spreading information. Navori Labs is at the forefront, making these spaces more interactive and engaging with its advanced software.

Navori’s technology enhances digital displays in stadiums, QSRs, retail, transportation hubs, universities, and corporate offices, offering innovative ways to engage audiences and transform digital interaction across various sectors.


Video Wall Features

Maximizing Digital Display Potential

Maximizing Digital Display Potential

Navori Labs enhances the video wall technology sector with its suite of advanced features designed for digital displays. Each feature is crafted with the user in focus, ensuring that video walls are visually impressive, versatile, interactive, and straightforward to manage.

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Universal Hardware Compatibility

Universal Hardware Compatibility

Navori’s software architecture embraces universal compatibility, accommodating a wide range of hardware configurations. This inclusive approach eliminates the traditional barriers associated with deploying state-of-the-art video walls, enabling seamless integration and content synchronization across diverse setups. By supporting everything from single-screen installations to elaborate multi-display configurations without the need for external processing units, Navori guarantees a streamlined setup process and ensures that every project, regardless of scale or complexity, can achieve its visual communication goals.

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Comprehensive Content Management System

Comprehensive Content Management System

At the heart of Navori’s video wall solution lies its Content Management System (CMS), a marvel of modern software engineering designed to simplify the complexity of digital storytelling. This robust, web-based interface democratizes the creation and distribution of multimedia content, enabling users to orchestrate intricate displays across expansive video wall installations. With intuitive design and advanced scheduling tools, the CMS ensures that content is not only relevant and engaging but also displayed at the optimal moment for maximum impact.

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Interactive Engagement: Transforming Viewers into Participants

Interactive Engagement: Transforming Viewers into Participants

Navori elevates digital displays by integrating interactive features like touch interfaces, mobile connectivity, and audience-responsive content into its video walls. These tools encourage active engagement through interactive polls, social media integrations, and real-time data visualizations. As a result, Navori’s video walls turn passive viewers into active participants, creating more meaningful interactions and deeper connections with the content.

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Hardware Installation

Start by installing the required screens and connecting them to your hardware. Arrange the screens in the desired configuration to suit the physical space and visual goals of your video wall.

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Navori Software Setup

Install Navori software on the connected hardware. This software will manage and synchronize content across all the screens, ensuring smooth and unified display without the need for additional video wall controllers.

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Content Creation and Management

Use Navori’s Content Management System (CMS) to create, upload, and schedule your digital content. The CMS is designed to handle complex layouts and high-resolution media, perfect for the large scales of video walls.

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Publish to your Player

Finally, publish your content across all panels using Navori’s advanced technology to ensure seamless playback. This step ensures that your video wall displays the content flawlessly across multiple screens, making it ready for public viewing.

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Discover how Navori's advanced video wall technology can transform your space with stunning visuals and seamless content integration.

High Impact and Engagement

Video walls make a significant impact wherever they’re placed, thanks to their large size and high-resolution capabilities which effortlessly capture and maintain viewer attention. With Navori software, content delivery on video walls is not just expansive but also dynamic and engaging. This makes them particularly effective in high-traffic areas where capturing attention is essential, ensuring that messages are not only seen but also impactful.

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Wow Factor and Entertainment

Video walls bring a ‘wow’ factor to any environment, blending entertainment with information. Using Navori software, you can craft and showcase content that is both informative and visually stunning. This dual appeal is ideal for creating unforgettable experiences in commercial, public, or corporate settings, ensuring that every presentation not only informs but also captivates the audience.

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Better Visibility

The large size and brightness of video walls provide superior visibility compared to traditional signage. Navori’s software amplifies this advantage by ensuring that visuals remain clear and vibrant, even from afar. This enhanced visibility is crucial in bustling settings such as shopping malls, airports, and event venues, where effective communication with large crowds is essential.

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Streamlining Operations and Reducing Costs

Operational efficiency is central to Navori’s value proposition. By removing the need for external controllers and simplifying the content management process, Navori greatly reduces the complexity and cost of maintaining advanced video walls. This efficiency not only reduces the initial investment needed to deploy video walls but also lowers ongoing operational costs. Consequently, Navori’s solutions become a cost-effective choice for businesses and institutions of all sizes.


Navori software accommodates a diverse array of hardware configurations for video walls, supporting everything from ultra-high-resolution screens to assorted display combinations. It guarantees smooth and synchronized content playback across all panels. This adaptability in hardware compatibility enables the creation of custom video wall designs tailored to fit any specific space or architectural need, ensuring that each setup is optimized for its environment.

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No Need for a Video Wall Controller

With Navori software, there’s no need for a separate video wall controller. The software itself handles content distribution and synchronization across all screens, simplifying the setup process and eliminating the need for extra hardware. This streamlined approach not only makes it easier to operate a high-quality video wall but also reduces the overall cost, enhancing efficiency and affordability.

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Transforming Retail, Corporate and Public Spaces

Navori’s advanced technology is revolutionizing video walls across various sectors. In retail, they enhance customer engagement with high-resolution, interactive displays that promote exploration and sales, transforming shopping into immersive experiences.

In corporate settings, video walls are crucial for internal communication, displaying real-time metrics and updates to strengthen corporate identity. Educational and public spaces benefit from video walls that deliver engaging and informative content, turning these areas into hubs for learning and interaction. Across all these environments, Navori’s content management system ensures displays are effective and captivating, reshaping the delivery of information and advertising.

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Content Management and Bezel Compensation

Navori software comes equipped with advanced content management features and bezel compensation, ensuring that content appears continuous and cohesive across screens, even those with bezels. The software automatically adjusts for the widths of the bezels, providing a seamless viewing experience that maintains the integrity and impact of your visual displays.

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