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Day-Part your Menus for your Digital Board

Tailor Content Programming using
Day Parting for Digital Menus

Optimize menu offerings by syncing with peak hours, dietary preferences, and different times of the day.
Tailor Content, and Enhance Engagement using Day Parting for Digital Menus

Introducing Day Parting for Digital Menus

Digital Menu Boards (DMBs) have changed how restaurants and cafes communicate with customers. Navori App CMS uses dayparting to customize content based on the time of day. This ensures that important information is displayed at the right time, such as during peak hours, breakfast, happy hours, and special events. This helps to keep customers engaged and satisfied.

Using this system, you can easily switch between breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, improving your customers’ dining experience. Customers will receive the correct information at the right time, making visiting your restaurant or cafe more enjoyable.

Day Parting Features

Hourly Schedule Menus

Use dayparting to schedule your digital signage content hourly for more effective ad campaigns and menus.

Adapt Menus Based on a Specific Date or Day of the Week

Customize your digital menu boards with weekend brunch specials, weekday lunch deals, or seasonal offers to keep your content fresh and relevant. Enhance customer experience and boost your revenue with automatic display of tailored content for specific days or dates.

Gradually Transition Between Time Slots

Improve your strategy by smoothly changing your menu from breakfast to lunch to dinner throughout the day. This method keeps your content up-to-date and matches customers’ expectations at mealtimes, improving their experience.

Customize Day Parts For Each Restaurant

Use Tags to tailor day parting for each restaurant in your digital signage network, making it flexible and customized.

Dynamically Personalize Day Parts Based on Real-Time Data (POS or Weather)

Adjust day parts dynamically based on live data, such as sales trends or the weather. This method keeps your content relevant, matching customers’ needs and preferences.

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Benefits of Using Day Parting

Display Menus Based on Consumption

Combining Navori Day with data analytics lets you understand customer preferences and sales patterns throughout the day. This valuable insight aids in menu development, pricing, and promotions, enabling you to fine-tune your services and marketing for the most significant effect.

Gradually Manage Day Part Transitions

Smoothly transitioning between day parts ensures seamless content changes, reflects daily flow and changing customer needs, and taps into longer consumption times. Displaying lunch options during the end of breakfast can attract early or late breakfast-goers, boosting sales during these periods.

Benefit From a Fully Automated Process

Implementing a fully automated process offers a range of benefits that can significantly enhance operational efficiency, such as:

Add Intelligence to Your Digital Menu Boards

If you want to make your Navori digital menu board more effective, consider adding intelligence to it. This feature automates the process of managing day parting and ensures that your content is optimized based on real-time conditions and customer behavior. As a result, your customers will be more satisfied, and your sales will increase. By upgrading your digital menu board, you can make your business more efficient and successful.

Take a Deeper Dive Into Digital Menu Boards

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How Day Parting Works

Navori helps customers to create dayparting by dividing the day into several parts and targeting specific content or advertisements to audiences based on their demographics and behaviors at different times of the day. This is because consumer preferences and behaviors can vary significantly depending on the day or time.

Built-in Navori Software

The Navori app features all-day parting options, such as content validity, such as period, hour, or weekday, tagging, and conditional playback or triggering driven by live data, such as POS or ERP platforms.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

When implementing day-parting strategies in your digital signage content schedule, navigating potential pitfalls is crucial to maximize effectiveness.

Assumption of Audience Habits

Making broad assumptions about audience habits can result in overlooked opportunities. Customize your content to suit different customer groups’ diverse preferences and interests at other times of the day.

Neglecting Real-time Data and Trends

Failing to incorporate real-time data and current trends into your content strategy might result in outdated or irrelevant messaging. Stay agile by integrating live updates and popular topics to keep content fresh and engaging.

Lack of Testing and Optimization

Neglecting regular testing and optimization makes it challenging to identify the most effective strategies for your audience. Employ A/B testing and review performance data to improve your tactics and steadily increase engagement.

Recommended Hardware

When setting up digital signage, consider using System on Chip (SOC) Displays or a Multi-Output Windows Player for more complex needs.

When deciding on a digital signage solution, it’s important to consider your objectives, content strategy, and signage installation setup. Each option has unique benefits that cater to different requirements.

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