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Smart Content Automation for Your Digital Menu Board

Feed and Control Your Digital Menu Board
via ERP or POS Integration

Simplify menu updates and inventory management with our digital menu board services, integrated with your POS for accurate information.
Efficiently Control Your Digital Menu Board via ERP or POS Integration

Menu Boards Are Now Connected and Automated!

Integrating POS and ERP systems is crucial for QSRs to optimize operations and drive growth. POS systems enable smooth order-taking, payment processing, and customer service interactions. These systems also provide valuable insights into customer preferences and buying behavior.

Features of Navori’s App Integration

Connect Your POS / ERP and Get Menu Repository using Navori (API)

Integrating your POS or ERP systems with Navori’s software through API can significantly streamline operations. Ensuring that your digital signage displays are always real-time with the latest menu items, prices, and promotions.

Retrieve and Display Real-Time Data on Order Numbers for Take Out

Showing live data, such as order numbers or names for takeaway orders, on digital signs can greatly improve operations and the customer experience. This approach keeps customers updated on their orders and improves the atmosphere of the waiting area.

Efficiently Control Your Digital Menu Board via ERP or POS Integration

Hide Out-of-Stock Items and Highlight Overstocked Items

The seamless POS integration aims to dynamically update digital menu boards based on stock levels. Ensuring customers see only available items and hiding out of stock while promoting items with excess stock.

Real-Time Automated Data Sync Between POS and ERP

POS and ERP integration streamline QSR operations from front to back, with real-time data sharing, reduced errors, and improved efficiency, leading to increased profitability. Integrated POS and ERP solutions are essential for QSRs’ continued success in a highly competitive landscape.

Displaying Customer’s Order on Screen

Orders can be displayed in real-time on the menu board, or a message can be triggered when an order is ready.

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Benefits of POS and ERP Integration

Real-time Updates from your POS System

Integrating your POS system with Navori digital signage provides real-time updates, keeping displayed information current and accurate. Ideal for fast-paced environments like restaurants or retail stores, this minimizes confusion and enhances customer experience.

Dynamic Pricing

Real-time updates from your POS system allow for dynamic pricing adjustments on your Navori digital signage. It’s perfect for promotions, happy hours, and clearance sales, helping businesses attract customers and manage inventory efficiently.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Automated updates of digital signage with POS data saves time, reduces errors, and enhances operations by freeing up staff to focus on customer service and other crucial tasks.

Customize Menu Board Content Based on Situations

Tailor your menu board content to specific situations using data from your POS system and Navori integration. This approach allows for dynamic and responsive menu boards that adapt in real-time, creating a customized viewing experience for your customers.

100% Automated Menu Boards, Requiring No Manual Intervention

Automate your menu boards with digital signage software. No more manual updates. Real-time data updates your content based on inventory changes and sales trends. Stay ahead of the competition and upgrade to an efficient and accurate menu board system today.

Take a Deeper Dive Into Digital Menu Boards

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How Do Live Data, Tags and Conditional Triggering work?

Navori is a system that simplifies and dynamically transforms digital signage management. Real-time POS data is used to create engaging campaigns that influence customer decisions. It’s ideal for retailers and restaurants that need to stay up-to-date with the latest sales data. Navori also offers content automation tools, supporting a range of data feeds, with a standout feature called “Play If” that displays content based on certain situations.

Seamless Integration with Navori Software

Navori software offers seamless POS integration and a responsive content management system that adapts to sales trends and customer interactions. The App CMS includes a real-time data manager, connectors, and a Rest API. The web socket-based technology supports text, images, or videos in a data feed, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.

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Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Avoiding common pitfalls in POS integration requires a strategic approach. By recognizing potential issues, businesses can ensure their integration process enhances operational efficiency and maximizes the impact.

  • Define clear goals and requirements from the POS
  • Comprehensive Planning of campaigns
  • Data accuracy of item inventory

Recommended Hardware

Live data integration is available on all hardware for which a player app software is available.