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Modernize your Digital Menu Boards with AI-Driven Navori App

Use Your Menu Board to Track Customer’s
Waiting Times

Learn how Navori's digital menu boards deliver precise tracking of waiting times, improving customer experience and efficiency
Track Customer experience
Knowing how long your customers have waited before service
Assess service efficiency
Measuring the productivity of your team
Optimize Human resources
Allocating the right number of resources, at the right time

Stay Ahead, Improve Performance with AI-Driven Digital Menu Boards

Live waiting time data is a powerful tool for businesses to gain valuable insights into customer flow, service efficiency, and satisfaction. Using these analytics, companies can optimize operations, reduce wait times, and improve service quality. This proactive approach helps build customer loyalty and ensures a superior customer experience.

Navori’s App Continuously Measures Customer Service Effectiveness

Metrics on Customer’s Waiting Time Before Service

Navori software tracks each customer with a micro camera from when they line up to order until they get their order. This helps accurately determine how long people wait and gives useful tips on how to make service faster.

Produce Restaurant Footfall KPIs

The Navori app tracks how many customers come in every hour, day, and time period. Now, you can check how busy you are, see if your ads are working well, and figure out the best times to hire more customer service staff.

Drive-thru Vehicles Counting and Waiting Time

Navori improves data analysis for managing vehicle wait times in outdoor settings. This helps businesses with drive-thrus, parking lots, and curbside pickups maintain a smooth flow of traffic. Navori provides accurate information on wait times, allowing businesses to optimize their operations, reduce delays, and serve customers faster.

Get Metrics by Week, Day and Hourly

This feature provides detailed insights into restaurant operations, helping to identify peak traffic times and trends. With this information, you can customize your services to match customer needs, adjust staffing, optimize services, and refine promotions. Embrace a data-driven approach to improve your operations.

Adjust Menu Board Content in Real-Time to Match Customer Wait Times

It automatically adjusts menu content based on real-time waiting time analytics, ensuring relevance at all times. Customizing content to current wait times enhances the customer experience, keeping engagement and satisfaction levels high.

This smart content management approach ensures your digital displays are informative and adaptive, offering customers a personalized service experience that mirrors your business’s efficiency and responsiveness.

Navori CMS Waiting in line

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Get to Know How Efficient Your Operations Are

With Navori’s digital menu boards and software, you can track real-time customer waiting times to improve operational efficiency, streamline processes, optimize staffing, and save costs.

Assess Customer’s Experience of Service Improvements

Navori’s wait-time analytics offers real-time insights to improve customer experience. By tracking wait times and analyzing feedback, you can make informed decisions to boost satisfaction and loyalty. Tailoring your offerings and services helps you meet customer preferences more effectively.

Optimize the Number of Employees Based on Actual Attendance

Optimizing employee schedules through monitoring customer wait times and traffic flow helps minimize labor costs, increase productivity, maximize resources, and improve operational excellence and profitability.

Boost Upselling with Built-In Navori App Ai-Driven Features

Navori’s software integrates with its data to analyze customer behavior. This gives restaurant operators insights into traffic flow, dwell times, and waiting periods. With an intuitive interface, businesses can make informed decisions and tailor their service strategies.

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How It Works

Navori App uses computer vision to monitor waiting times for Digital Menu Boards (DMBs). Here’s a quick guide on how it functions:

Data Collection

Navori uses advanced cameras to monitor customer movements and wait times. Collected data is linked to the viewed content and transmitted to the CMS for KPI review and content identification.


Analytics and Insights

Our cameras capture data that Navori analyzes to provide waiting time metrics, including peak times, average wait durations, and customer flow patterns.

DMB Content Live Adjustment

Navori’s digital signage software uses real-time data to adjust content on Digital Menu Boards during longer waiting periods. This reduces perceived wait time and keeps customers engaged with promotions, entertainment, or informative content.

Optimization and Engagement

Businesses can improve customer satisfaction by adjusting DMB content based on real-time waiting times. Highlighting quick service items during peak hours or displaying special offers can speed up service and enhance the customer experience.

Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement

Integrating customer waiting time data into Navori helps DMB improve its content and customer service strategy, resulting in a better overall customer experience.

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Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Camera Placement Optimization

Proper camera placement is crucial to accurately track customer movements and waiting times. Incorrect placement can result in blind spots and skewed data. Ensure cameras are strategically placed to capture all areas where customers move and wait for reliable insights.

Staff Training on Data Interpretation

Navori’s insights and data are valuable, but staff must understand and act on them. Comprehensive training on interpreting waiting time data helps teams make informed decisions that improve customer service.


Recommended Hardware

The recommended setup is a Windows PC with six HDMI outputs. Multiple Windows PCs can be synced via the Navori App, if needed.