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DOOH Advertising Software

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising uses digital screens and displays in public spaces to deliver targeted advertisements and informational content.

This modern form of advertising utilizes digital technology to create dynamic, interactive, and engaging messages that operators can update in real-time. DOOH advertising can be found in locations like shopping malls, transportation hubs, billboards, and urban centers, enabling advertisers to reach large, diverse audiences effectively.


Operators of DOOH screen networks use software like Navori to manage ad space, buy ads, render content, and analyze audiences.

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Software Features For Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Cost Per Thousand Impressions

Cost Per Thousand Impressions

CPT is a standard DooH billing model. Advertising operators use Navori to charge advertisers based on the number of impressions their ad performed.

This model enables advertisers to pay for exposure, usually calculated per thousand views. Navori provides features that allow operators to set the number of impressions per advertisement to be displayed in advance, irrespective of the overall ad space fill rate on the screens.

Cost Per View

Cost Per View

CPV is pricing model in which advertisers pay based on the number of times their ad is viewed. This model uses AI-driven digital signage, such as Navori, to ensure advertisers are only billed when their ad is seen, creating a direct link between ad expenditure and exposure. CPV is effective in environments with accurate view tracking, like malls, airports, or transit stations with digital screens.

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The Fixed Rate or Flat Fee Pricing Model

The Fixed Rate or Flat Fee Pricing Model

The operator charges a predetermined amount for ad space over a specific period, regardless of the number of impressions. Navori CMS offers this simple and predictable budgeting model, making it attractive for advertisers.

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By connecting to a programmatic platform, DOOH operators can automate ad buying, enable real-time bidding, and tap into a broader pool of advertisers, ultimately maximizing revenue opportunities. Navori integrates with Vistar Media and Hivestack, the leading programmatic platforms.

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Hardware Interoperability

Hardware Interoperability

Navori software is compatible with all hardware, including screens and player devices, allowing DOOH operators to utilize their existing infrastructure and quickly expand their network.

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Open Architecture

Open Architecture

Navori’s API allows operators to connect and control the CMS from third-party systems and customize it to their needs.

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Streamline the setup of your DooH advertising with these 4 easy steps, making it an efficient and economical choice for monetizing your digital network.

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Subscribe to the Navori App

Identify the audience and the desired number of daily impressions. Subscribe, set up your system and monetize programmatic digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising for any unsold timeslots.

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Buy a StiX 3800 media Player with integrated measurement

Enhance your digital signage capabilities and understand your audience with AI-driven analytics.

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Create your media planning model

Populate your advertising slots; they will be broadcast exactly at the frequency defined by the transaction with your client.

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Publish your ads

Publish content and generate detailed impressions and audience reports for your advertisers to validate campaign effectiveness and reach.

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Discover how Navori optimizes retail media networks, enhancing advertising effectiveness and customer engagement across digital platforms.

Navori offers a module specifically designed for DooH

Take advantage of the advertising module, a comprehensive tool kit to monetize your unsold time slots.

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Integration of audience reporting features for each ad displayed

Gain insights into viewer engagement with detailed audience metrics for every ad, including demographics, dwell time, and interaction rates. Tailor content to meet business needs based on comprehensive reports that highlight viewer preferences and behaviors.

End-to-end monitoring of the playback of screen and status

Ensure optimal performance with continuous monitoring of playback and screen status, including real-time alerts and diagnostics to promptly address any issues.

First-class international support

Access reliable support from Navori’s global team, available to assist with any technical or operational queries, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted advertising operations.

Retail Media

DOOH advertising in retail environments can significantly increase sales by promoting products and special offers directly to shoppers, driving immediate purchase decisions.

By utilizing data from audience analytics, retailers can gain valuable insights into shopper behavior and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly. Additionally, digital signage seamlessly integrates with in-store promotions and loyalty programs, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

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Advertising in Shopping Malls

Malls attract large, diverse audiences, providing significant reach for advertisers. DOOH advertising in malls leverages interactive displays to engage visitors, enhancing brand interaction and recall.

The flexibility of digital signage allows advertisers to easily change content to align with seasonal promotions, sales events, and new product launches, ensuring their messages remain relevant and impactful.

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LED Billboards

Bright, high-resolution LED billboards are highly visible, even in daylight, ensuring your message is seen by a broad audience. These billboards offer creative freedom, allowing advertisers to use dynamic visuals, animations, and videos to create compelling advertisements that stand out.

Additionally, digital billboards are cost-effective, eliminating printing costs and allowing multiple ads to rotate on a single display, maximizing ROI.

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Transit Advertising

Transit advertising captures the attention of commuters and travelers, extending brand visibility across a wide area. With a captive audience, passengers on public transportation have extended exposure to ads, increasing message retention.

Geographic targeting allows advertisers to tailor ads to specific routes and locations, reaching targeted demographics efficiently. This makes transit advertising an effective way to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

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