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Navori Labs Now Supports BrightSign XC5 Models

Navori, a leader in digital signage software solutions, is excited to announce support for the newly launched BrightSign XC5 series. These advanced players, featuring Windows IoT, are now fully compatible with Navori’s state-of-the-art software, delivering unprecedented performance and versatility for digital signage applications. This integration marks a significant advancement in the digital signage industry, emphasizing Navori’s commitment to supporting diverse hardware platforms, including BrightSign digital signage solutions.

Elevating Digital Signage with Navori and BrightSign XC5

The BrightSign XC5 series represents a major leap forward in digital signage technology. With Windows IoT capabilities and multi-screen output, these players offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to optimize their digital signage deployments. When combined with Navori’s software, the XC5 series provides a seamless, powerful, and efficient digital signage solution. Navori’s software enhances the capabilities of BrightSign XC5 players, enabling flawless content playback, advanced content management, and real-time data integration.

What are the Key Features and Benefits?

Windows IoT Compatibility: Navori’s software is compatible with Windows IoT on BrightSign XC5, allowing users to use powerful Windows-based systems for digital signage.

Superior Performance: The combination of BrightSign XC5 hardware and Navori’s software provides top performance, including 4K video playback, interactive content handling, and multi-output configurations.

Scalability and Versatility: The XC5 series with Navori’s software is suitable for both small-scale and large-scale installations, meeting the needs of various industries such as retail, healthcare, transportation, and corporate environments.


Navori’s software combined with BrightSign XC5 players is ideal for diverse digital signage applications. Retailers can create dynamic in-store experiences with interactive displays and real-time product promotions. Healthcare facilities can improve patient communications and wayfinding. Corporate offices can boost employee engagement and streamline internal communications with vibrant digital displays.

Navori's Commitment to Innovation

Navori continues to drive innovation in the digital signage industry with its cutting-edge solutions. The compatibility of Navori’s software with BrightSign XC5 players exemplifies this commitment, providing users with a versatile and powerful digital signage solution. This integration highlights Navori’s role in the evolving landscape of digital signage, supporting a wide range of hardware platforms including BrightSign digital signage players​​​​​​.

About Navori Labs

Navori Labs is a Swiss software innovator and global leader in digital signage, computer vision, and AI-driven marketing analytics. With over 26 years of experience, Navori Labs delivers premium technologies and large-scale deployment expertise to customers worldwide. The company’s multiplatform software uses an open architecture and is developed in-house by a team of highly qualified engineers. Navori Labs is SOC 2 Type I & Type II certified, ensuring the highest security and reliability standards.