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Data-driven Menu Boards Dynamically
Controlled by Any Data Source

Navori's Data-Driven Menus Boards Solutions 

Introduction to Data-Driven Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a new way to display menus and prices on a screen. These screens are connected to real-time data, so they are always up-to-date. This is especially helpful for fast-food restaurants, as it allows them to change their menus easily.

Data from different sources, such as sales or stock lists, is used to create the digital menu board. Navori CMS is a tool that links this data to the menu screens. It then sets rules to decide what to show on the screen based on the current data.

By using data-driven menu boards, restaurants can show only available items. This helps them provide better customer service. It also reduces waste by not showing items that are out of stock. Overall, data-driven menu boards are a good way for restaurants to stay current and improve their customers’ experience while reducing waste.

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Navori CMS Features for Data-Driven Digital Menu Boards

Adapt Menu Based on Sales Data

Knowing which menu items are popular at different times can help make intelligent changes. Highlighting popular dishes during their peak times can be effective.

Adapt Menu Based on Inventory Levels

Navori’s menu system can automatically adjust based on the items you have in stock. By connecting your menu to your sales system, it can quickly remove any out-of-stock items and suggest alternative options. This simplifies your operations, reduces waste, and ensures that customers always have a wide range of choices available.

Adjust Menu Based on Customer Wait Times, in Real-time

Restaurants can experience varying wait times, which can impact customer satisfaction and the establishment’s operation. Navori’s Data-Driven Menus can update menus in real-time to keep up with the pace of service. This means that during busy times, restaurants can offer quicker menu items or ready-to-go options. With this smart adjustment, the kitchen can work more efficiently and provide speedy meal choices, even during rush hours. This can keep customers happy and satisfied.

Personalize Menus Based on the Restaurant’s Weather

The Navori app can help you adjust your restaurant’s menu based on live weather data to better fit your customers’ preferences. For example, on hot days, the app can suggest cool drinks to beat the heat, while on cold days, it can recommend warm soups and drinks for comfort. By using this app, you can offer your customers exactly what they are in the mood for, making their dining experience more enjoyable.

Tailor the Drive-Thru Menu Based on Traffic

Navori’s Data-Driven Menus for QSRs improves drive-thru options by analyzing traffic patterns and dynamically changing menu items. This results in faster order processing, shorter wait times, and superior customer service. Upgrade to Navori’s menus today and boost your QSR’s efficiency!

Benefits of Data-Driven Content

Consistently Offer Menus Tailored to Situations

With Navori’s Data-Driven Menus, you can ensure that your menu always reflects current conditions, providing customers with relevant and enticing options. Whether it’s a scorching summer day or a rainy evening, your menu will adapt to match the weather, ensuring that customers always find something they love.


By updating your menu based on real-time data, you can take advantage of opportunities to upsell and promote high-margin items. Highlighting special deals or showcasing customer favorites, Navori’s Data-Driven Menus can boost sales and increase profits.

Enhance the Customer Experience

To create an exceptional dining experience for your customers, offer a personalized menu that goes above and beyond their expectations. By customizing the menu based on their preferences and needs, you can provide a memorable experience that will leave a lasting impression. This will help build customer loyalty and generate positive word-of-mouth, leading to a steady stream of returning customers.

A Fully Automated Process, Requiring No Employee Intervention

Navori’s Data-Driven Menus automates menu management, freeing up staff to focus on service. Seamlessly integrating with existing systems, it eliminates manual updates for consistency and accuracy.

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Take a Deeper Dive Into Digital Menu Boards

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How Data-Driven Menus Work

Navori’s menus are always up-to-date with what’s available and what customers want. They do this by using data and rules that automatically update the menu as soon as there are any changes in the sales and stock systems. This helps your restaurant run smoothly and keeps your customers happy with fresh food options.

Navori CMS can track live data and link up with many popular systems through connectors. If needed, Navori can create a special connector for your data.


Seamless integration with Navori Software

Navori’s platform simplifies menu management. Its user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls help you customize and manage your menu content while ensuring seamless integration and a smooth transition to data-driven management.

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Recommended Hardware

Compatible with all types of hardware and operating systems that support the Navori player app.